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How to solve the problems of the flat screen printing machine parts

For a device, the quality of its accessories will directly affect the quality of the products. If there are some problems in the screen printing machine accessories, how can we deal with them to ensure its efficiency and quality? The best way is to solve these problems as soon as possible. The following is to tell you what problems are encountered in the flat screen printing machine.
If because of flat screen printing machine fittings and long-term maintenance may make some accessories holes, holes are generally because the surface has caused foreign body, so at run time to often to check when the equipment shutdown will often go to the maintenance and inspection; and sometimes also with water effect of flat screen printing machine fittings failure, because water will seriously affect the quality of printing belt printing, the color is not uniform, so resolved according to the seriousness of the problem if the conduction joint, we must first ensure that the joint thickness uniformity, if by heavy extrusion formation, so it is necessary to eliminate through heat setting, so as to restore the use.
Maybe there are many problems in the parts of flat screen printing machine. There may be some factors. It may also be due to environmental impact, and there may be reasons for long-term maintenance. But for any reason, we need to solve it.
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